About Us

This is a site for people who have good stuff, or want to get good stuff. We promise that we aren’t going to waste your time with used furniture that is poorly constructed or in bad condition. You can rely on us to sort through the junk, and only offer truly great deals.

We personally inspect each item featured to make sure it is in top condition. If you are interested in having furniture featured on FURNISH-D.COM please email us. We handle all the details of the transaction from website photos to shipping. The days of waiting around for a stranger to come by your home and look at your stuff are over. We provide a seamless way for interior designers and decorators to help clients clear the way for an updated look.

If you are looking for furniture, why spend hard earned money on furniture that won’t last, or that every friend of yours seems to have, when for the same cost you can have a unique, well made, long lasting quality item? FURNISH-D.COM provides you with an inside source to high-quality furniture at up to 2/3 off the original price.

FURNISH-D.COM was created by Ilene Richardson, an award winning multi-media producer who spent over two decades working with leading entertainment industry talent on shows like Real Simple on PBS, “Mix it Up” with Courteney Cox, and through her work with Sony Music, ABC, MTV, VH-1, Barnes & Noble, amongst others. Through her own experience, Ilene saw an opportunity to bring truly well made furniture to the public at prices that rival those of chain stores.

Ilene sources items for FURNISH-D.COM from a ever changing mixture of designer showcases, production sets, high-profile residences, and artisan furniture manufacturers.

Thank you for letting us help you get FURNISH-D.COM in style!

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.